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Proactive Interactions

 Engage         Network         Grow Relationships

Who Are We?

Over the last decade, individuals from all industries have been faced with the increasing challenges of decreasing budgets for traditional marketing, and the realization that new strategies must be employed for building revenues. More importantly, these strategies must also include long term steps that help one build communities of active clients.

Our company is designed to empower individuals with personal strategies that assist in creating new "introductions" and that develop sustainable, long term methods that can be used to grow relationships. While we recognize that whether one provides professional services, is running a sole-proprietorship business, works for a sales organization, or is focused on developing resources for non-profit organizations, it's important to grow personal networks by focusing on what we can do for others versus what these relationships can do for us.

We assist individuals, organizations, professional partnerships such as law firms, sales teams, political campaigns, small businesses, and major corporations by consulting on personal networking, communication skills, and revenue development strategies. In addition, we provide the training and mentoring necessary to implement these strategies across a broad range of vertical markets that include product based and services based businesses. By leveraging basic communication concepts, we transform everyday occurences into "Proactive Interactions".